Surrak Dawntrakker

Kingsglaive of Man


Surrak Dawntrakker is the second son, oldest legitimate son of Cord Dawntrakker (Moon Elf Eldritch Knight) was orphaned at a rather young age when his father died in service to Duke Maldwyn Daggerford, the late ruler of Daggerford. After his father died in battle, he was taken in by his fathers best friend, a rather gruff and rude seeming dwarf named Jordyar Blackbanner that took him away from his mother to train and be prepared to join the Kingsglaive of Man. At first young Air Genasi wasn’t happy about being separated from his mother and siblings, wanting to stay with them since that was all he had left for family.

After a few months Surrak began looking to Jordyar as a father and began taking the lessons he tried teaching him to heart. It was over the next 13 years that he would train and studied everything Jordyar would teach him, eager to be like both his father and his uncle until he could join the Kingsglaive of Man. During these years of training and studying, Surrak began to learn just why every member of the Kingsglaive preferred light armor over the heavier armors as they were restrictive when it came to the mobility they preferred and used with deadly efficiency. Upon learning more about his father, through tails from Jordyar and others that had served alongside his father Cord over the past 200 years, Surrak became more eager to learn and prove he was just like his father, quickly showing great prowess with dual wielding much like his father, and taking up a weapon from both his father and his uncle (the Warhammer for his uncle Jordyar and the scimitar for his father Cord). He would spend the next several years to perfect his skills to the degree that he was invited to join the ranks of the Daggerford Guard instead of the city militia. He gladly and eagerly joined their ranks and serve there instead of having to serve 20 years in the city militia..

After completing his service to the city and surviving the various battles they were required to fight in order to protect the city of Daggerford, Jordyar approached Surrak on his 30th birthday with the invitation of a lifetime in his eyes. He was invited to join the Kingsglaive and eagerly accepted , following in the footsteps of his father and ancestors even if he wasn’t human or truly elf either. Since that faithful day, Surrak has spent that last 6 years dedicating himself to his new life and position, proud of being a member of such an elite order and hoping to live up to his father’s name.

Surrak Dawntrakker

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