Eye of Basilisk Extra Life Charity


The journeys begin with a small group of adventurers traveling to the small village of Nightstone. They have all heard rumors of goblin attacks and a reward to anyone who deals with the growing problem these goblins are having on the community.  Coming from different places and different parts of the Sword Coast they all meet on the road and all have the same common goal, to deal with this goblin menace. As they got closer to Nightstone they could hear the sound of a bell consistently ringing. Upon arriving there it becomes clear that something horrible has happened here.

Nightstone has been wreaked by giant boulders and is completely deserted, with the exception of a few goblins that are raiding the town of anything they deem valuable. The bell of the church is ringing loudly as 2 goblins play with the rope and make as much noise as possible. After killing all the goblins and their pet wargs our adventures make their way to the towns keep only to discover that there are still some surviving guards there. These guards inform them that the town was attacked by Cloud Giants! The giants bombarded the town with large boulders, dropped down from ropes and stole a large Obsidian stone from the town square. This stone is what gave Nightstone its name and is large as a horse and black as night with carved glyphs and ancient runes. They are also informed that the Lady of Nightstone was tragically killed when a boulder smashed through the keep and she was buried in the rubble. The guards were able to unbury her, but she along with other members of the town that the adventurers discovered did not survive the giants attack.

Some citizens of Nightstone made it out of the town however. The guards in the keep inform our adventures that anyone still alive would have headed for the Dripping Caves to seek refuge until it was safe to return to the town. For some reason no one has returned and the group is asked to go to the caves to find the townsfolk there. Dripping Caves is filled with goblins and 2 ogres that are holding the towns’ folk captive as well as killing and eating them. This is why no one has come back! Once done fighting the ogres and killing the goblin chief the citizens of Nightstone are rescued and escorted back home by the brave strangers who saved their lives. Everyone is very grateful and thanks them for their kindness and bravery.

After saving the town from both the goblins and group of Zhentarim agents who want to take the town for their organization, as well as saving the people from the caves, the adventures decided to make Nightstone their new home. Several of the group members are of the Lords Alliance faction and send word of what has happened here to the higher members of the faction. They seek out aid in protecting the town from any other mishaps. With the lady of the town now dead, and no others of her family to take her place they also decide to, once they return from other business, take over the operations of the town. They begin by rebuilding and clearing up the rubble from the boulders as they await for word from the Lords Alliance leaders as to if aide will be granted.

Help from the Lords Alliance comes in the form of a large group of solders to protect the town. Once they arrive. The heroes leave and start heading north to Bryn Shander and the Icewind Dale. This journey is by the request of Morak, the dwarf innkeeper to inform a family member of one of one of the unfortunate towns folk who died of their death. On their travel north the group is picked up by a cloud giant named Zephyros who ends up taking them where they want to go in his tower. Zephyros is friendly to the group and does them no harm. He tells them more about what is going on with the giants and that he had no part in the attacks on Nightstone and finds it unfortunate that his kin, as well as other giants, are attacking towns and villages all over the country.  After about a month’s travel Zephyros drops the group off just a few miles outside of their destination of Bryn Shander. The heroes will have to walk from there as he doesn’t want the city to think it is being attacked and think it better that he doesn’t go any closer.


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